Having Trouble Downloading The Apache 2.4.3 Installer For Windows?

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    Today’s guide has been written to help you when you get the apache 2.4.3 Windows Installer download error.

    I’m aware that it’s been 3 months since the official release of 2.4.4, but I still decided to post the following specs, since 2 Apache.4.4 hasn’t been released yet.


    Apache HTTP Server 2.4.3 was released on August 21, 2012. You can listen to the full official changelog here. The following binaries were built with Visual C++ 2008 (MSVC 9) using Apr 1.4.6, Apr-Iconv 1.2.1, Apr-Util 1.5.1, Expat 2.1.0, Libxml2 2.9.0, Lua 5.1.5 for fight against. openssl 1.0.1c, pcre 8.31 and even zlib 1.2.7.


    Soon I will also be compiling in conjunction with Post Apache 2.2.23 unless a definitely newer version is released by then.

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    This article is the first part of our “Installation Requires Prerequisites” series.Preconditions for running MIDAS self-hosted format from a Windows server”.

    It refers to self-hosted objects in the MIDAS room. Learning resource reservation and scheduling system on Windows devices only.

    This first article describes how to adapt to Apache Windows. Other major web servers (such as Microsoft Internet Information Services (IIS)) are also available for Windows.

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  • Step 1: Download and install ASR Pro
  • Step 2: Open the program and click "Scan"
  • Step 3: Click "Repair" to start the restoration process

  • Please note that this article exists “as is” and is correct at the time of writing. For other solutions for configuring or installing Apache, we recommend the manufacturer’s documentation/support.


    • A separate step – loading Apache through Windows
    • Step 2: Unzip the
    • Step five. Apache setup
    • Step Step 4. Start Apache
    • Step 5Test Apache
    • Step 6: Install Apache as a Windows Service
    • Step 6: Monitor Apache (Optional)

    Download Apache For Windows

    Apache for Windows is a free download for the ApacheLounge.

    32-bit (x86) and 64-bit (x64) replicas are available depending on whether it works on your Windows 8 or 64-bit Windows server:

    apache 2.4.3 windows installer download

    For this tutorial, we really feel like the Windows server is building a 64-bit operating system, so let’s download Apache 2.4.52 Win64 (httpd-2.4.52-win64-VC16.zip)< p >According to the information on the ApacheLounge download page you also need to make sure that a similar C++ Redistributable Package for Visual Studio is also configured on your server. It’s also possible that it’s already installed on your system, but if in doubt, download “vc_redist_x64.exe” (for a real 64-bit operating system) and “vc_redist_86.exe” (for a 32-bit operation) and run that from the system) , which makes the links on the ApacheLounge site extreme.


    Step – Unzip

    After the download is complete, open the downloaded and installed file “httpd-2.4.52-win64-VC16.zip” and extract the files to the appropriate format Location on your personal server , i.e. or c:apache24 D:Apache etc.

    Step 3: Configure Apache

    Once you’ve extracted Apache, we need to configure it. First, find the “httpd.conf” file on your computer (located in someone’sabout the “conf” subdirectory) and open it with an almost standard text editor.

    By default, this process configuration assumes that you have removed Apache after C:Apache24. However, if you may have checked a different escape location (eg D:Apache), you will need to update the $SRVROOT variable in the httpd .conf file to correctly point to the person’s location. , so:

    Set SRVROOT “C:/Apache24” → Set SRVROOT “D:/Apache”

    If there is no SRVROOT variable in this httpd.conf file, you will need to manually update all instances to “C:/Apache24” i.e. -say:

    ServerRoot “C:/Apache24” → ServerRoot “D:/Apache”
    DocumentRoot “C:/Apache24/htdocs” → “D:/Apache/htdocs”
    ScriptAlias​/cgi-bin/ “C:/Apache24/cgi-bin/” †’ ScriptAlias​​ /cgi-bin /”D :/Apache/cgi-bin/”

    Wherever you pull Apache from, you also need to make the following changes to your http.conf file:

  • A) Add “ExecCGI” to the “Options” directive:
    Find the application line:
    apache 2.4.3 windows installer download

    Options FollowSymLinks

    indexes… Append and “ExecCGI”:

    Options Indexes FollowSymLinks ExecCGI

    … this tells Apache that CGI/Perl scripts are allowed outside of some cgi-bin directory

  • B) Find additionally uncomment the following (after the line:remove the entire # character from the beginning of the line)

    AddHandler cgi-script .cgi

    … Also, improve the following line:

    AddHandler cgi-script .pl

    … Two of these lines tell Apache how to process .cgi/.pl files (i.e. run them before sending them, like from an SMS to a web browser)

  • C) Add the following line to the end of the httpd.conf file:

    ScriptInterpreterSource Registry

    … This will cause Apache to ignore the very first line of the .cgi/.pl files that Apache main places in the Perl installation location and instead To do this, find the Perl website in the Windows Registry

  • Step 4: Start Apache

    Open with a PowerShell command or prompt in the new ‘bin’ folder at the location where you extracted Apache ‘Shift’ (hold down the ‘Financial Uncertainty’ button) ” and click and select “Open Command Machine Window Here” or “Open PowerShell Eyeport Here”:

    < /source>

    Once you open the command prompt, start Apache by running the following command:


    With a working PowerShell window open, start Apache by typing the following command:

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