Repair Steps Unable To Start Print Spooler Error 12

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    You may encounter an error message that says print spooler error 12 cannot be started. Now there are a few steps you can take to fix this issue and we will get back to that shortly.


    Fix Windows Failed to Start from the Print Spooler Service on a Zoned Computer: If you can’t create templates that result in the above error, you’ve come to the right place today and we’ll tell you how to fix it. The error can fix the embassy. The error naturally indicates that the print spooler site cannot be started. What does this print manager do? Queues Seriously. Print jobs are handled by the Windows Print service called Spooler. Printing allows you to spool all Windows files to interact with printers and put print jobs back in the queue. If the queued print service does not start printing, you may receive the following message:

    Windows may not start using the print spooler on the local computer.
    error 1068: Failed to start service group or search.

    The above error message only appears when you try to start the services.msc print spooler in the services.msc window. Without wasting so much time, let’s find out how Windows probably won’t start the print spooler service due to a local machine error using the troubleshooting guide below.

    Make sure something is wrong when creating cover-only restore points.

    Method 1: Run the printer troubleshooter

    PC problems? Solve them in minutes.

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  • Step 1: Download and install ASR Pro
  • Step 2: Open the program and click "Scan"
  • Step 3: Click "Repair" to start the restoration process

  • 9. Restart your computer and you should be able to repair Windows that started the print spooler service on the local computer.

    Method 2: fixing the registry

    How do I force the print spooler to start?

    Click the “Start” button and select “Run”.At the command prompt, type net halt spooler, then press Enter to have the spooler stop the print spooler.Type net start spooler at the command prompt, then hit Enter at startup for the print spooler.

    1. Press the Windows key + R, then type and press regedit to open the registry editor.

    3. Be sure to select the print spooler component in the left pane, then in the right pane find the line named DependOnService.

    4. Just double-click the DependOnService line and change its value, removing the In http part and leaving only the RPCSS part.

    6. Restart your computer and check if the exact error is resolved.

    Mostlyprint method three: start services

    cannot start print spooler error 12

    1 spooler. key Press Windows + then r, type services.msc and press Enter.

    2. Locate the print spooler service in the list and double-click it.

    3.Make sure the startup type was created automatically and the service is probably running, then click stop, then click create to start, restart to make the service.

    How do I fix printer Spooler error?

    Delete all print jobs in the Ideas folder.go back to “Services”, find “Print and Print Spooler” click and right click. Now use Start.Now we open the closed program and try to copy the desired document every timefine.

    5.After that, add the device again and check if you are allowed to repair Windows failed to start print spooler in Local Computer service.

    Method 4: ccleaner Malwarebytes

    cannot start print spooler error 12

    4 starts et. Now run CCleaner to the end section “Cleanup”, select the “Windows” tab. We recommend the following cleaning options:

    5.Once you’ve created the correct dots, just click “Run Cleaner” and let ccleaner do its job.

    How do I fix the print spooler in Windows 10?

    reminder!Solution Run the printer troubleshooter.Solution #2 Make sure the print spooler service is set to automatically help.Solution #3 – Delete print queue filesSolution 4 – Restart the print spooler serviceSolution #5: Remove other (unnecessary) printers

    6.To further clean up, select the system, Registry tab, and make sure the following items are checked:

    7.You select “Problem Analysis” and let find, clear it, then “Fix click selected problems”.

    8.CCleaner whenprompted to save registry changes?, select Yes.

    10.Restart your computer to save your changes. This will definitely fix the error that Windows cannot start the spooled print service on the local laptop, but if it doesn’t, run Adwcleaner and HitmanPro.

    Method 5. Delete almost the entire PRINTERS

    1 folder. Press the Windows R+ key, then Services, type .msc and press Enter.

    How do I fix Windows could not start the print spooler service on local computer?

    Correct the spooler service dependency note to isolate the problem. Close Regedit.exe. Changing registry settings incorrectly can cause serious problems that may prevent a new computer from starting correctly.

    2. Locate the print spooler service, right-click it, select Stop.

    4.Delete all files from the PRINTERS directory (not the folder itself) and close them later.

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