The Value Requested For Troubleshooting Could Not Be Found. C# The Easiest Way

Over the past few weeks, some of our users have encountered a known bug where the requested value could not be found. AGAINST#. This problem can occur for several reasons. We will discuss this below.

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    Possible duplicate:
    Get enum from description

    public enum SomeType        [Description("Value")]        BUT,       [Description ("Two values")]        Them,        [Description ("Three values")]        Three    

    but even if I try to parse the whole line like this

    requested value was not found. c#

    Demo SomeType = (SomeType)Enum.Parse(typeof(SomeType), "Three Value");

    I’m getting the “Requested Maintenance ‘Three Value'” exception not found. Shouldn’t this work fine?

    This question has already been answered here:

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    requested value was not found. c#

    To convert to a string enum in C#, use my methods below.

    1. Enum.TryParse method.
    2. Enum.Parse method.

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  • Step 2: Open the program and click "Scan"
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  • Converting strings to enums is very useful when we can receive enums from a UI client through an API endpoint.


    Conversion To Enum Franchise With Enum.Parse In C#

    We create an enum for the days when it comes to our C# application, which has specific values ​​like Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, etc.

    public count days        Monday,        Tuesday,        Wednesday,        Today,        Friday,        Saturday,        Sunday

    Now we declare a string variable and convert it to an Enum.

    var = myDay "Monday";Days myDayEnum implies (Days)Enum.Parse(typeof(Days), myDay);

    What to do if pageWhich barely contains the Days Enum value?

    var myDay = "Day";Days myDayEnum = (Days)Enum.Parse(typeof(Days), myDay);

    Requested agreement not found. is not of type System.ArgumentException. Therefore, we will add a try-catch block to handle the exception, as shown below.

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    Der Angeforderte Wert Wurde Nicht Gefunden C
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    Valor Solicitado Nao Foi Encontrado C
    요청한 값을 찾을 수 없습니다 씨
    Zadana Wartosc Nie Zostala Znaleziona C
    Il Valore Richiesto Non E Stato Trovato C