Wad Manager Error 1022 Simple Solution

In recent days, some of our readers have come across an error message saying wad manager error 1022. There are many reasons why this problem can occur. We will discuss this below.

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    wad manager error 1022

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    I’ve been running into this problem all day and haven’t been able to find a decent straight forward solution on Google. So hopefully this can help others who, in turn, are looking for answers.-1022

    error: HTML content- The code does not match the hash in TMD Maybe try IOS with exact permissions in AHBPROT mode.

    I .tried to .install .WAD files that .existed .on my Wii but were removed from the system menu. I have a Wii V1 mod lite.7 as my stack manager and I have tried not using different IOS to install. WAD could be installed on other large Wii, as well as ring and folders.

    0. indicate that you have Wii Lite mod v1. Some recent and cIOS versions implementing wii.guide.

    1. Open the Wii Lite Mod and go to Wad Manager

    2. Find the WAD that the whole family wants to install, yours and use it to select A

    3. On the next screen, press left or right on the joystick to select Delete. You A, press to continue. Y

    4. Most likely, it will remove all files left after installing the previous parts.

    wad manager error 1022

    It’s all about the place! After that, I was able to hang WADs normally. I don’t know if this will fix all the errors that I wanted to talk about and that helped me.

  • Eurasia21Member

    24. May 2009
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    What exactly is this error? I looked around and found a useful explanation for this. It ranges from -1017 to -1029. This is a new form of file package that I normally use, but I’ve never had this circumstance. Also, I recently upgraded to version 4.0 to give you guidance on how to use things that will likely lose functionality. Can anyone contact me?

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  • Step 1: Download and install ASR Pro
  • Step 2: Open the program and click "Scan"
  • Step 3: Click "Repair" to start the restoration process

  • Last incorrect version: May 24, 2009

  • Markus_bMember

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    Have the same problem on my wii, wad on installation starts fine but stops after a while with an effective -1022 error. I tried Manaer 1 nap.3 and Wad Leader 1.4.
    I have one that I put together a bunch like so he had a career a while back. The only part that I managed to install is patched on IOS60. All wads suffer from reset channel -1022.

    I also have 4.0 and I also have hbc CIOS installed. Question: Start

    when from manager wad 1.4 it asks ios to use positively, I have a choice of about 40 of the eight connected versions of 254. how do I know which ones I should use?

  • JamojojoMember

    23. November, received:
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    Dude, I got very similar :(

    I thought upgrading to 4.0 would be a good idea, but I took off my coato.Wiki,
    there is one with HBC already installed. Tried to update to 4.0 using http://www.yafaze.com/wii/4.0updateguide.html (Method 1). Installed CIOS rev.9, then ios60, next steps.
    Can still use Homebrewchannel Always, but still can’t seem to install files. As soon as it starts trying to install, you immediately get an error similar to (varies) -1022.

    Does anyone know what it is? this is wrong, i really want the usb charger to work. the rest Everything is HBC in the media player, so turn it on. Installing bundles doesn’t seem to go hand in hand. Tried Wadmanager 1.3 and 1.4, no luck.

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